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Isaac the Emperor of Cyprus and Richard king of England by Jan Luyken, 1683

Isaac the Emperor of Cyprus and Richard the King of England
by Jan Luyken, 1683


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Benedict of Peterborough
How Richard, king of England, seized and conquered Cyprus
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On Wednesday after Whitsunday the king of England set forth from the island of Cyprus in his galleys, taking with him the king of Jerusalem, the Prince of Antioch, the Count of Tripoli, and the rest of the princes who had come to him in Cyprus.  He also sent Ralph son of Godfrey with the Emperor of Cyprus to Tripoli. But before the king's departure from Cyprus the counts and barons and all the men of the island delivered up to the king the half of all their possessions in return for the laws and institutes which they had in the time of Manuel, Emperor of Constantinople. These the king granted to them, confirming the grant by a charter.
In the same month of June Richard of Camville, whom the king had appointed one of his justiciaries in Cyprus, fell sick, and without obtaining the king's leave, came to the camp before Acre, where he died.  After his death the Griffons and Herminians, who had not yet accepted the king's peace, set up for themselves a new Emperor in the person of a monk, who was kinsman of the Emperor Isaac. Then Robert of Tornham, who was now sole justiciary of the king in Cyprus, assembled a great army and joined battle with the new Emperor, whose host he put to flight. The Emperor himself he took prisoner and hanged upon a gallows.
In the same month died Ralph son of Godfrey, to whose charge had been committed the Emperor of Cyprus. The king then put the Emperor in ward with Gamier of Nablous, the Grand Master of the Hospital.


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