Selected and rare materials, excerpts and observations from ancient, medieval and contemporary authors, travelers and researchers about Cyprus.
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Some fragmentary but interesting notes on Cyprus from the De Terra Sancta et itinere Ihierosol. of Ludolf, priest of the church of Suchen in Westphalia, are here translated from vol. II. pp. 210—217 of Mons. de Mas Latrie's Histoire de Vile de Chypre. The original work, printed in the fifteenth century without note of date or place (Strassburg, 1468?), is extremely rare. The visit took place between 1336 and 1341.
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WILLIAM DREGHORN Famagusta & Salamis.
A Guide Book

The city of Famagusta is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture in the Levant and, in its present state of preservation, is equal to that of the old cities of Carcassone or Ragusa.
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NICOLAI DE MARTHONO Notarti Liber Peregrinationis ad Loca Sancta

was edited in 1895 for the Revue de l'Orient Latin, t. III. no. 1, by M. Léon Le Grand, from MS. 6521 in the National Library at Paris. The author, a notary of Carinola, near Calvi in Campania, embarked at Gaeta June 17, 1394, for Alexandria; visited Cairo, M. Sinai and Jerusalem, and on November 27 arrived at Famagosta. In barbarous Latin, but simply and conscientiously, he relates what he saw in that city, at Nicosia and S. Croce. He tells us naively enough of the risks he ran, seeing he was small of stature, short-sighted and could not swim. His troubles were severe, the worst however met him on his return to Carinola, when he learned the death of his wife, which had been hastened by anxiety for his safety.
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