Selected and rare materials, excerpts and observations from ancient, medieval and contemporary authors, travelers and researchers about Cyprus.
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Mallock W. H. The Thereshold of a new life 


spell. During dessert a basket was brought in full of prehistoric pottery, with a bronze spear-head in addition the fruits, as I gathered, of that afternoon's work. Mrs. Adam, though, like Don Juan's mother, ' her favourite science was the mathematical,' betrayed in discussing these objects the fact that she was a Greek scholar. Colonel Falkland, who had lived much in the East, interwove with his talk about archseology many interesting observations as to the unsuspected power, the politics, and the future of Islam. He explained to us problems of which in the Western world the very existence is hardly so much as dreamed. As he spoke, mysterious regions with sounding legendary names, which had always seemed to me to belong to the land of fable- Armenia, Karamania, and even Thibet and Persia began for the first time to assume a sort of spectral reality; and when at half-past ten we all of us separated for the night, I felt that my mind, like my body, was moving against a new background. Strange mountains seemed to be towering up around me whose snowy passes shut out the Western world, and I seemed to discern, half-transparent in the air, the gigantic shadowy shapes of new powers and presences.

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